Start of Foodie Ning!!

This is my site for all the food and drinks that I wanna share with you. From my first blog, Anything And Everything’s Free (events, contests and promo) to Shygirl’s Own( personal), I’ve always wanted to impart things for everyone. I like to share the things that I  encountered and taste through out my journey. I believe that it keeps me more relevant and vibrant if I can share anything in the web for others to read and have knowledge before trying one of their own.

To start with, I will tell you one thing, my one great COFFEE. Yes I am  a coffee addict. It started when I was in Highschool, doing homework is such an ass..for me and to fight drowsiness due lack of slepp I always drink coffee to eliminate that feeling until I got hooked and addiction takes place.

I drink almost 5 cups of coffee everyday with different brand, its like an hourly taste test in the house 3 with the need of coffee maker and 2 for granulated and instant but no SUGAR please..yes Black Coffee I’d always like my coffee to served that way because I can taste the real aroma of it and to savore the feeling of drinking it. I will not name brands and name names on this post but watch out for it anytime because I wanted to have a review type of post about my coffee and dream coffee. Please support and watch out also for the foods and drinks that I will be sharing to you soon and some of it will have recipe or history or reasons or way or how to do it.

Thank you and hopefully I will impart half of my life’s existence in this world through food and beverage.

One response to “Start of Foodie Ning!!

  1. looking forward to your posts sis 🙂

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